15 Important Kissing Tips

As a romance author, good kissing technique interests me. My protagonists kiss one another, sometimes playfully, often passionately, and usually (though not always) skillfully. It was, therefore, important for me to research the topic.

If you read my recent blog post Kissing Benefits: 6 Reasons to Kiss More Often, you may now feel motivated to perfect the art of kissing. To assist, I will attempt to pass along some kissing tips.

  1. Never use the tongue as a battering ram. Jamming your tongue in so far it cuts off the airway is no way to woo your partner. Everyone needs to breathe.
  2. Don’t drool into your partner’s mouth. This makes for a sloppy kiss, and no one likes to be slobbered on.
  3. Kissing need not be conducted in total silence. The occasional word or soft whispers, especially whispers of encouragement, enhance the experience.
  4. Machine-like repetition (same head tilt, same stance, same movement) gets boring quickly. Women in particular like a number of different kisses. So guys, try kissing her ears, for example, or moving from upper to lower lip, and especially, pay special attention to the neck.
  5. Tiny closed-mouth pecks scream, “Beware: Hidden Inhibitions,” and never bode well for sexy bedroom activities.
  6. Crushing kisses with tight lips feel forced and can be overwhelming. Soft open mouth kisses invite your partner to participate. So soften your lips so they’re not tighter than Spandex.
  7. Unless you’re dating a masochist, a hard bite or painful hickey will send your partner running for the door.
  8.  A limp tongue that never responds and merely lies there, inert, can be boring (best case scenario) or downright nauseating (worst case scenario).
  9. Too much tooth scraping is the sign of a rank amateur, and can be awkward, embarrassing, and downright dangerous. Get the right angle, stop baring your teeth, and soften those lips.
  10. Close your eyes at least part of the time. Wide open eyes for the duration of an entire kiss are disconcerting, distracting, and reminiscent of a crazed psychotic.
  11. A mobile device should never distract you during a kiss. It’s insulting. Devote your entire attention to the lip-lock.
  12. Licking your partner’s face (a tongue bath) is never sexy.
  13. Nothing destroys the mood faster than bad breath. So practice oral hygiene by taking care of your teeth, using mouthwash, and carrying breath mints.
  14. Super-fast tongue swirls that rotate around the mouth are not the way to impress your partner.
  15. Don’t let your tongue dart quickly in and out of your partner’s mouth at lightning speed. This technique is, to say the least, creepy, especially if it reminds your main squeeze of a reptile.

Here are excerpts of my protagonists’ kisses. What do you think?


Fur Ball Fever (96dpi - Grey Border)He traced her lips with the tip of his tongue, murmured her name on a breath. When she didn’t draw away, he caressed the small of her back and pressed her body against his, stilling her restless movements.
Her lips parted on a low moan, allowing his tongue the entrance it craved.
He deepened the kiss and touched the smoothness of her cheek.

He lowered his head and took possession of her mouth. His heart sank when he found her lips as stiff as a sheet of cardboard. Happily, perseverance was one of his strengths. He intensified the pressure. To his vast relief, her lips softened under a barrage of gentle nips and nibbles. Using the tip of his tongue, he traced a sensual path around her mouth, enjoying the way her trembling increased.
“Open your mouth for me,” he whispered.
She parted her lips with a soft sigh.


TJL - 225 px High (72 pxpi)His mouth slanted over her unresisting lips, gently at first, then more insistently.
She closed her eyes, surrendering to the erotic sensations flooding her body.
He deepened the kiss as if he had all the time in the world, one hand buried in the mass of tangled hair, the other pressed into the small of her back.

Hungrily, she raised her lips. “Kiss me. Hold me.”
He made an inarticulate groan, drawing a finger down her neck, sending licks of flame crackling along her nerves. Catching her chin in his fingers, he slanted a hot, hungry kiss on her lips.
Firm and velvety and demanding, his tongue entered her mouth.

I would love to hear from you. Please let me know you’ve read this post and tell me what you think of my kissing advice.


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