A Big, Ol’ Attitude Shift Around Writing

Two months ago, I started looking at my writing in a whole new and more optimistic light.

It’s like this. Writing gives me a goal (did I ever mention I’m totally goal-oriented and possibly a tad OCD). With this tiny shift in perspective, I realized I’m actually writing for myself instead of others.

I also came to the conclusion that my books are part of the legacy I’ll leave behind, part of my ‘footprint’ so to speak, and I wanted something more tangible than ebooks. For that reason, I’m springing to re-publish my two existing books plus my newly finished novel, Cold Feet Fever, as print editions as well as ebooks.

Don’t get me wrong. If others enjoy my books, that’s a bonus. It would be lovely if I did sell a bazillion of those babies. But even if I don’t, I’ll have the satisfaction of knowing I’m leaving tangible evidence of my personality and creativity, not to mention my slightly warped sense of humor (which some claim to enjoy) when I’m gone.

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