Cold Feet Fever: An Excerpt

Here is a short excerpt from COLD FEET FEVER, a romantic suspense with a sense of humor:

Katie simply stroked Sam’s cheek, her touch calming him. “No wonder commitment terrifies you. It makes perfect sense. I’ve done extensive reading about how underlying fears sabotage our relationships.”

“Of course you have. Okay, I’ll bite. How does feeling like a failure make me commitment-challenged?”

“Easy. No one can reject you if you reject them first.”

Trying to hide the fact that she’d hit the bulls-eye, he asked, “Is that what you think I’ve been doing? Pushing women away? And let’s not forget taking the easy way out.”

“I didn’t say that. You did. What do you think?”

“I think you sound like a shrink, answering a question with a question.”

He risked a glance at her. She merely compressed her lips. Damned if Katie wasn’t one of those rare women who understood the power of silence. It was obvious she was prepared to stand there for hours if necessary, until he answered her question.

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