Excerpt from HORSING AROUND WITH MURDER (Animals in the Pool)

HORSING AROUND WITH MURDER, a cozy mystery set in Canada, will go live February 1, 2019. You can pre-order your copy at: Mybook.to/HorsingAround  … Here is a short excerpt:

After running inside to get my glasses, I settled them on my nose and studied the pool. Definitely not people. When a breeze cleared the steam away, I determined that the pool was full of … animals.

I’d heard of an elk enjoying a soak in a pool up Bragg Creek way, even a black bear with her two cubs escaping the heat in a community pool near Priddis, but this one would make new history. Larry-the-llama was treading water in the deep end of our brand-new heated pool. Eight dwarf goats bobbed around him, bleating their heads off.


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