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Please help me welcome the talented Susan Hughes! She’s discussing the source of her writing ideas and has brought her Contemporary Romance, an ebook called Divided Hearts, to share with us. You can learn more about Susan and her books at

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 About Susan Hughes

I’ve been writing fiction since I was a young girl, but only in the last 10 years have I discovered my calling for romance. Nothing gets my heart pumping like a good love story with absorbing emotion, plenty of
passion, and an old-fashioned happy ending.

Set mainly in Canada, my contemporary romance novels explore the extraordinary thrill of finding that special someone and falling head over heels in love. I live in
Ottawa, Ontario, with my husband and three daughters.

Where I Get My Ideas

When people ask me where I come up with ideas for my novels, I tell them, “It depends.” The process is always different. Generally, though, I first come up with a conflict—an obstacle for the couple to overcome in order to be together—then create the characters and choose a setting, and the story seems to build naturally from there.

When writing my first novel, Divided Hearts, I began with the conflict of a couple having to choose between their desire for one another and their responsibility to their loved ones. Faye and Simon want to do what’s best for the little girl they both cherish—the daughter he didn’t know he had—even it if means sacrificing any chance of being together.

My goal is always to create characters that are vibrant, warm and sympathetic, so that their predicament draws the reader in from the first page, and keeps the reader rooting for them throughout the journey of conquering the obstacles in their path. I added factors to Faye and Simon’s personalities that would compound their inner conflict; they both had difficult childhoods, making them determined to avoid hurting baby Hannah the way they were hurt by their parents.

Now for a setting. I chose the coast of British Columbia for its rugged, unspoiled beauty. What better place to fall in love than on a sailboat with a pair of killer whales leaping from the water nearby, and a view of the Rocky Mountains in the distance? I’ve been to B.C. many times and it always serves as an excellent muse.

In the end, I hope the reader gets as caught up in the story as I did while writing it; I’ve done my job if the reader engages with the characters and feels the pull of attraction between them, and feels satisfied with the ending.

Description of Divided Hearts


When Faye’s best friend, Jenna, is injured in a car accident, Faye is left to care for her friend’s young child – expecting no help from baby Hannah’s father, Simon, who has never been a part of the little girl’s life. But when Jenna’s former lover unexpectedly reappears, Faye learns that Jenna never told him about their child; and now that he knows of his daughter’s existence, he wants nothing more than to bond with her.

As the relationship between father and daughter grows, so does the attraction between Simon and Faye. But once Jenna recovers, they find themselves faced with a heartbreaking choice between their desire for each other and the best interests of the little girl whose future lies in their hands.

Set in Vancouver, BC, and on the picturesque Sunshine Coast, Divided Hearts takes you on an exhilarating journey through the passion, sacrifice, forgiveness and sweet surprises of discovering a love that’s meant to be.



Faye turned to return to her room when Simon’s voice stopped her.

“We didn’t finish our conversation last night.”

She turned her head to look at him, catching her lip between her teeth briefly before replying. “I think more than enough was said.”

He took a step closer, one of his brows lifting skeptically. “You never really answered my question.”

Faye let out a slow breath. “You must know how I feel. But what I want and what I should do are two different things. I think Hannah saved us from making a mistake. Not that it wouldn’t have been … nice.” Fantastic, you mean. “But sometimes a little self-control is required. Look what happened with Jenna.”

Simon’s hands went to his hips, his eyes narrowing. “I’ve heard this lecture already from my mother and sister,” he said bitingly. “I didn’t expect it from you. Especially after all I’ve done to take responsibility for my daughter, once I was told of her existence.”

“I’m sorry,” Faye added quickly, regretting her words. “I don’t mean to lecture you. You’ve been wonderful. You are … wonderful.”

As the last word left her lips she turned again to head to her room. She made it to the doorway before he spoke again.

“Where are you going?”

“To get dressed.”

“Why the hurry?” In two paces he was beside her. She faced him to reply, but before she could his hands slid around her, snaking under her robe to encircle her waist.

Faye gasped in surprise. “Simon, please. I told you it doesn’t feel right.”

Despite her protest he held fast, his eyes ablaze. “Tell me this doesn’t feel right.”

Drawing her closer, he bent to cover her mouth with his, his lips claiming hers with unrestrained hunger. He tasted of coffee and syrup, warm and sweetly intoxicating. Surrendering, Faye melted against him, parting her lips to invite his deepening kisses. Not only did it feel right, it felt amazing. Letting her eyes fall closed, she succumbed to the urgent desire that electrified her body.

She had no idea how much time had passed when Simon broke the kiss, speaking in a voice ragged with longing. “I told you I’m used to having control over my life. But you have a power over me, Faye. I’m helpless in your arms.”

Far from helpless, he felt strong and vital against her, his luxuriant kisses having reduced her own limbs to rubber, while fuelling the insistent heat coiling in the pit of her stomach.

“Don’t go back today. I want you and Hannah to stay,” he murmured against her lips. “My world feels so complete with you here. Both of you.”

Divided Hearts


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  1. Todd says:

    I am reading Divided Hearts, and every page is as wonderful as the excerpt above!

  2. Susan Hughes says:

    Thanks for your kind comments!

  3. Renee Field says:

    Oh, I so love the sounds of this book. I’m now going to have to get it. The dialogue read so honest, but sexy – which I also love. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Your book, Divided Hearts, sounds wonderful!

  5. Eufemia Bella says:

    I had the pleasure of reading Divided Hearts and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Have recommended it to all of my friends. Can’t wait to read the others.

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