HORSING AROUND WITH MURDER is the first book of my Senior Sleuth series. I thought I would describe how I got the idea for this book.

Settling on a location for my funny cozy mystery series was easy—a dude ranch owned by three women of a certain age. Each book would start with a murder, which one of the co-owners would solve. But where to go from there?

I sent out a panic call to an author friend who, like me, has an inappropriate sense of humor. We arranged a meeting to brainstorm ideas and settle on the main concept around which I could write the book.

About mid-session, she recounted an incident during her career as a veterinarian’s assistant. While participating in an equine artificial insemination procedure, which requires the collection of a specimen, she managed to lose her grip on the stallion’s pride and joy, allowing the appendage to get wedged up her sleeve.

After we both dissolved into hysterical laughter, I realized this was the pivotal idea, the idea around which I would write the book. Here’s what I came up with: Grizzly Gulch Guest ranch is in financial difficulty. To increase business, my protagonist (who is terrified of horses) and her sisters decide to host a week-long horse breeding symposium intended to increase their popularity and attract more guests, who, of course are the suspects.

I’m told the semen collection scene is worth the price of admission.

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