I’m in the Throes of Writing a New Book

I’ve started working on my next book. It’s a whole new learning process, going from writing romance to writing a mystery. Of course, there will be at least one corpse. I’m still trying to figure out who dies, who whacks the victim, and why.

Here’s the working title and elevator pitch for the Book 1 of the Beth Donnelly Mystery Series.

Funny Horse Picture 1HORSING AROUND

Beth Donnelly, an aging hippie with a taste for good weed, psychedelic prints, and free love, is horrified at the prospect of turning 70. When she wins a week for two at a ritzy dude ranch, she decides to make the most of the opportunity by knocking off an item from her bucket list—seduce a smokin’ hot cowboy. Too bad she finds herself immersed in an artificial insemination scam—of the equine variety.

Would you read a book like this?

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