Kissing Benefits: 6 Reasons to Kiss More Often

Engagement Photo (The Kiss) - CroppedKissing, lip-locking, smooching, whatever you want to call this joining of lips, not only feels  wonderful, it is good for us too. We romance fans recognize that kissing is a vital part of a romantic relationship, a way to strengthen emotional attachment, and a fundamental expression of desire, intimacy, affection, and passion. But in the heat of the moment, few of us consider why kissing produces the miraculous results it does. I would like to share some scientific reasons for those kissing benefits.

  1. Looking for a suitable mate? According to scientific studies, we use kissing to evaluate the suitability of a potential mate by assessing our partner’s biological compatibility. One kiss can tell us if we want to continue into a relationship. That all-important first kiss brings us close enough to smell and taste the other person. The face area is rich with glands secreting chemicals that carry genetic and immunological information. Since different immune system genes give our offspring a better chance of survival, we subconsciously choose a compatible partner to create stronger, healthier babies! I call this a miracle.
  2. Feeling low or dragged out? A further kissing benefit is that a great kiss increases happiness by releasing ‘feel-good’ brain chemicals such as euphoria-inducing endorphins and the bonding hormone known as oxytocin (also responsible for ensuring maternal bonding with her baby). The NovaGenix hormone replacements clinic is where one can go to get help with their hormone related concerns.
  3. Have a nagging headache? Kissing fights pain by releasing adrenaline. Pair that with the pain-reducing endorphins for a double whammy to fight pain. So instead of saying, “Sorry, dear, not tonight. I have a headache,” why not test the theory by going for a wild make-out session instead of popping acetaminophen?
  4. Is stress causing problems? Another benefit of kissing is that it reduces stress by lowering cortisol levels. Cortisol is our stress hormone and plays a large role in immune system suppression, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular disease, fertility problems, erectile dysfunction, and many more. So instead of reaching for Prozac, try reaching for your main squeeze.
  5. Want more sex? Try some deep, open-mouth French kissing. Your dude’s saliva, the secret ingredient in the best kisses, contains testosterone, which can increase the libido thus leading to hot, joyous, mind-blowing sex.
  6. Worried about your weight? Kissing burns calories by doubling your normal metabolic rate. If the smooching results in sex, better still for a good calorie burn. Since I tend to struggle with my weight, I’m happy to take my hat off (along with other articles of clothing) in homage to this often overlooked benefit of kissing.

To illustrate the value of a good kiss, especially that all-important first kiss, I’m sharing the following two excerpts. Believe me, my protagonists reaped the benefits of those kisses, and then some.


Fur Ball Fever (96dpi - Grey Border)He traced her lips with the tip of his tongue, murmured her name on a breath. When she didn’t draw away, he caressed the small of her back and pressed her body against his, stilling her restless movements, and rocking against her softness.

Her lips parted on a low moan, allowing his tongue the entrance it craved. He deepened the kiss and touched the smoothness of her cheek. When he traced a lazy pattern down her neck, her pulse rocketed under his thumb. She swayed a little.


TJL - 225 px High (72 pxpi)His lips slanted over hers again with exquisite slowness. His tongue teased her mouth open and demanded more. She was only too happy to comply. He drew one hand over her throat, paused, then inched it lower.

She lost herself in the sensation. Her mouth fused with his as she matched him, heat for heat, gasp for gasp.


I would love to hear from you. Please let me know you’ve read this post and tell me what you think of those kissing benefits.

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Again, I would love to hear from you. Please let me know you’ve read this post and tell me if you have experienced any of those kissing benefits.

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