Meet Rex, My Furry Creature in Cold Feet Fever

In my opinion, no book is complete without a furry creature. My WIP, Cold Feet Fever, is no exception. A romantic crime mystery and spin-off from Fur Ball Fever, my new book features Nick’s brother, Sam Jackson, a playboy charmer, gambler, and womanizer who hides his complexities and vulnerabilities well. Sam captured my heart in the first book. I figured he deserved his own story. And he needed a dog. An equally endearing and charming bad boy dog. Don’t you love it when an alpha protagonist has a soft spot for animals?

Rex (Eating Can)Meet Rex Jackson, a German shepherd Sam rescued from the pound. Rex, a.k.a. a stomach on four paws, will do anything for food. He eats everything, and I mean everything. In the photo, he is trying to eat a can.

Today’s excerpt features an encounter between my WIP hero, Sam Jackson, the heroine, Katie Deluca, and—you guessed it—Rex.


Smack dab in the middle of Sam’s office was a sight a man didn’t see every day. Sprawled on her back, a woman squirmed, spread-eagled in the pool sunshine streaming through the window. Two plate-sized paws pinned her to the floor. Clutched in her hand was a purse handle, which had parted company with the purse. A large furry body prevented Sam from getting a good look at her face, but he knew damn well who it was.

The woman he planned to fire.

Sam’s headache, which had faded, threatened to make a comeback. Rex had sniffed out the muffins in her purse, and launched a stealth attack.

Thoughts of lawsuits and bankruptcy swarmed through Sam’s brain. He found his voice in a big hurry. “Rex. Off.”

Rex swung his head slowly in Sam’s direction, paws still firmly planted on Katie’s chest. The German shepherd appeared blissful, Katie not so much. Mischief danced in the dog’s intelligent brown eyes. Massive jaws worked rhythmically, hard at work munching on a brown paper bag. Ribbons of drool cascaded as the bag disappeared with a gulp and a couple of dry retches. When Rex finished his snack, he collapsed on top of Katie’s body.

A muffled feminine voice said, “Urk!”

When Sam cut his gaze to portions of Katie underneath the mountain of fur, a surge of pure lust robbed him of speech.

Smiling, he appreciated the pair of slim, luscious legs, which was all he could see from his angle. To his happy disbelief, the legs’ owner raised her knees, thighs spread wide, giving him a long look at Paradise. He damn near blew an artery. All rational thought flew out the window. Katie was naked under the dowdy skirt. Who would have believed it?

After one heart-stopping moment, Sam realized his mistake. She was wearing lacy peach panties, which, when you came right down to it, was the next best thing to being naked.

His heart was thumping heavily by the time she twisted her lower body sidewise, presumably in an attempt to dislodge Rex. Her strategy was a good one, but all it did was obstruct his view. Rex remained planted on her chest.

Sam sidled a little to the left of center hoping a different perspective would improve his line of sight.

She responded by snapping her knees together.

His blood flow resumed its normal route. Katie was making urgent noises. He didn’t understand much, probably because a 120-pound dog was compressing her lungs.

For the first time since puberty, he found himself at a loss for words. With one thumb, he tipped his Stetson back to give the legs—and any other parts of her anatomy she chose to display—the attention they deserved. Being an excellent judge of woman-flesh, he deemed those legs to be prime quality, slender and nicely shaped, curvy in all the right places. When confronted with legs that stirred the blood, a flexible man made allowances for hideous black pumps better suited to an elderly librarian than a love goddess.

After a brief tussle with Rex, who probably thought she wanted to play, Katie tugged at her skirt, which was bunched up around her waist in a delightful way. A series of wiggles had Sam’s heart racing again as flashes of peach lace at the apex of her thighs tantalized his gaze. He gave a heartfelt sigh when she succeeded in tugging the heavy black wool into place.

Rex (Relaxed & Smiling)Rex swung a massive furry head toward Sam and gave a broad canine grin, as if expecting an approving pat for finding a friend with such fabulous legs and flimsy underwear.

Sam smiled back as he stepped around the dog to offer Katie his assistance.


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  1. Delene Yochum says:

    You are a new author to me but after reading the excerpt of yoyur WIP . I’m checking out the your others!

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Delene, thank you so much. You might enjoy FUR BALL FEVER. It features a schnauzer with attitude (Murphy), a bullmastiff (Crusher), a missing poodle (Miss Coco Chanel) and Baby-Cakes, a cat.

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