Fur Ball Fever – Reviews

5 Stars – A hot fast-paced laugh out loud funny comedy (Amazon): I laughed out loud and so will you! This romantic comedy has a hero I adore. I love the way he talks and he looks like one of those men on the underwear boxes. I understood his reluctance to fall under the spell of this sassy heroine, who dares do anything, with or without him, which leads them into perilous waters. Perhaps this is not the place to confess my water fetish, but Nick looks great wet. – Maggie Jagger

Five stars all the way! One for the Money meets Best in Show (Amazon): Grace Donnelly charges head-first into every situation. Which is why security specialist Nick Jackson left her–even though they were scorching hot together. No way is he going to watch her get herself killed. But when she demands his help finding a missing dog, his protective instincts kick in, even though it puts his own undercover operation in jeopardy. Fans of Stephanie Plum and dog lovers should love this one–it revolves around a dog show in an exclusive New Jersey community. Grace and Nick are really cute together (he’s a hot southern guy–yowsa!), and the mystery sucked me in. The supporting characters, especially the pot-smoking aunt, made me laugh. – Teresa Morgan

Five Star Funny (Amazon): What do you get when you cross a feisty heroine, a sexy hero, and a missing pooch? Fur Ball Fever! This was a great novel that I found hard to put down once I started reading. If you are looking for a funny and entertaining read, this is it.

5 Stars – A Really Great Romantic Comedy Read! (Amazon) Another reviewer mentioned Best In Show — and I thought, “That’s the book for me!” I adore strong, independent heroines and sexy heroes. Such an amusing story! I loved it! I will be reading Maureen Fisher again, for sure. Tracy Sumner

5 Stars (Amazon) – This laugh-out-loud, sizzling hot story had me hooked right from the start and didn’t let go until the end. The chemistry between Grace and Nick was amusing, hot, exasperating and thoroughly enjoyable. The dogs added so much fun and personality to the story that I can easily see dog lovers going for this book in a big way. The “investigation” kept me guessing and the situations Grace managed to land herself in kept the story interesting and engaging. My favorite character was dear, crazy Aunt Beth. What a hilarious addition to an already fun read! Maureen Fisher is a very talented writer and I’m glad to have found my way to her books! – Deborah Hughes

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