New Release: DEADLY THANKSGIVING (A Senior Sleuth Mystery – Book 2)


If you’re looking for a cozy murder mystery crammed with suspense, humor, and animals with personality, look no longer. DEADLY THANKSGIVING has it all.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, Grizzly Gulch Guest Ranch faces foreclosure. Again. The only way to avoid bankruptcy is to win a lucrative hospitality contest. To boost their chances, the three young-at-heart owners host a week-long Thanksgiving event for lonely seniors, only to face trouble in the form of: a coachload of raucous guests with a corpse bungeed into her seat, a disastrous wardrobe malfunction, a perilous nature walk, an unfortunate goat yoga incident, a botched romantic encounter, a mechanical bull disaster, a spitting llama, a ferocious kitty-cat called Snuggles, a pesky power outage, a staff medical crisis, and last, but far from least, a seriously hunky retired Mountie called Hawk.

Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook. Also on Kindle Unlimited.

★★★★★ “… Bottom line, if you love humor with a touch of seriousness, seriousness that doesn’t disrupt the good feeling, give “Deadly Thanksgiving” a read. It put a smile on my face.”

★★★★★ “… This story will have you guessing to the end. Hope there will be a 3rd book and more!”


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