Itchy Pinkies

(Originally published Dec. 20, 2006).

Have you ever wondered what an itchy pinkie signifies? Up until last Sunday, me neither, but now that I’m enlightened, I will share my understanding of this rare and little-known phenomenon.

All last week, I had been on pins and needles, waiting for my editor’s comments on my revisions, obsessing, and generally driving my husband crazy (seems to happen a lot lately–he just shakes his head and buries his face in the newspaper). What if she didn’t like my new chapter, the one that had given me so much trouble? What if she hated the way I chose to end the book?

I shouldn’t have worried so much. Last Sunday evening, I received my answer in the form of an e-mail. Here’s what my gracious editor wrote:

“… I read your last chapters twice. Once before starting the final edits and then comparing them to the story as a whole. I have to say…Oh My God! Maureen, where did you get that ingenious mind of yours? Dear, your add-on chapters are amazing. You went from an 8 on a suspense scale to a 15 if that’s possible. Wonderful ideas you came up with. I loved every single page of this story. My itchy pinky and I predict this will be a best seller from Day One! If you’re wondering what the pinky reference means, well it always itches when amazing news in is the horizon for my friends

“… I’m sad, though, because I enjoyed working with you on this superb story and will miss it.

“…You really had that many sleepless nights? Don’t feel sad this part of the process has ended. The best part is just about to begin when the great reviews come in and the fans begin to flock in. And don’t forget I’m here every step of the way to cheer you on.”

Goes to show that all the hard work and sleepless nights were worth the trouble. I printed out a copy of the e-mail and filed it away in my “Me” file to re-read when I hit another block and need a boost.

I hope you will forgive me if this blog entry sounds a tad egotistical, but I figure an e-mail like that gives a struggling writer a few bragging rights.

Gotta love those itchy pinkies.