Initial Book Sales

(Originally published Mar. 28, 2007).

This week’s midweek entry will be very brief as I am running out the door, on my way to the New Hampshire Writers’ Conference. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Curves in Kanata for open its doors to permit a book signing on its premises.

I sold 15 books!

This is an amazing accomplishment for a new author, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the ladies who chose to support a local author.

Not only that, I sold another 6 books at my yoga class last night. Many thanks to Shirley who gave my book a great pitch last week.

What with these sales, signings, publicity and family giveaways, and friends’ purchases, I have personally sold or given away 45 copies.

45 down, only 199,955 to go (it’s important to set goals).