No Contest

(Originally published June 13, 2007).

As a first-time published author, I am trying to get the biggest bang for my marketing dollar. For that reason, I have spent the last couple of days agonizing over whether or not to enter the New Jersey Golden Leaf contest for published authors.

Several questions ran through my mind. Did I stand a chance of winning? (I like to think so, but have no guarantees — there’s plenty of stiff competition out there). Even if I won, would the $150 (for fees, postage to the US, and four copies of my book) result in a worthwhile return in investment? In other words, would the tag ‘Golden Leaf Award Winning Author’ after my name sell enough books to cover the contest cost? (Not so sure about that; I’d have to sell a LOT more books for the royalty to exceed the cost).

After much agonizing and some excellent advice from my publisher, I decided to forgo the contest and put the money into something that will target the mass market of readers out there.

Now I will inform my publicist of the good news.