Survived Christmas

(Originally published Dec. 26, 2007).

Today is December 28, 2007. Friday. What with all the excitement of Christmas and traveling, I forgot to post my Wednesday blog entry.

My husband and I have just returned from a 2-day stay at a multi-star resort in Quebec called Hôtel La Sapinière. Long renowned for its gourmet dining, La Sapinière lived up to its billing. Our Christmas package included a 5-course Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Day Brunch Buffet, a 7-course gourmet Christmas dinner feast, and a Boxing Day Brunch. We waddled away, happy, several pounds heavier, and suffering from whipped cream, foie gras, and truffle overdose.

No wonder I forgot my blog. My stomach was exploding, while my brain was trying to comprehend the unexpected bonanza of calories. I promise to write about more than food for my first blog effort in 2008.