The Law of Attraction Works

(Originally published Oct. 3, 2007).

Shortly after I sold my first book, I read Rhonda Byrne’s mega-bestseller, The Secret, and decided to give the Law of Attraction a whirl. I would apply the concept to my new writing career and reap the rewards. After some thought, I concocted the following affirmations: “I am happy and excited to be a bestselling author,” and, “I am delighted that The Jaguar Legacy has sold over 400,000 copies.”

I visualized a slimmed-down version of myself accepting awards with gracious aplomb. I pictured myself conducting writing workshops that garnered standing ovations. I imagined myself attending book signings that drew people from miles around to purchase dozens of my best-selling novel. And then, I stopped worrying about it. Well, I tried to stop worrying about it.

On Thursday, I learned that one of my dreams had come true. I am delighted to announce that as of last week, I am the top selling author for my publishing house. Moi. Imagine!

Now here’s the thing. My second affirmation hasn’t manifested. Not even close. I mean, not in the ballpark, or even as far as first base.


Goes to show, I need to be more specific. My new affirmation for The Jaguar Legacy is, “I am happy and excited to be a New York Times bestselling author.”

That should do the trick.