The Trust Program

(Originally published Jan. 22, 2007).

My friend, Cindy Barlow, founded an amazing company called Constellation Learning. According to Cindy’s website:

“Constellation Learning is the place to chart your journey of self discovery. Founded in 1998 by Cynthia Barlow, Constellation Learning teaches people how to trust themselves. Skilled facilitators understand and teach the how, why and what of personal development. Experiential classes inspire participants in a structure designed to focus learning through workshops, seminars and retreats.

“Identify what is most important to you and achieve your goals. Learn to ask yourself questions that will reveal the answers that matter to you. Find solutions and inspiration to spark long-term change.

“Constellation Learning guides you to self discovery. We will assist you in revealing ways for you to explore your own life with more clarity and confidence.”

My favourite training program is called The Trust Program (TTP). I credit TTP with strengthening my ability to trust myself, to the extent that it helped me to make the decision to quit my lucrative profession as a management consultant and set up my shingle as a writer.

I am honoured that Cindy has invited me to be an assistant at TTP. This March will mark my ninth year. To tell the truth, I feel that I always receive more out of the experience than I give. Suffice it to say that TTP has helped me come to terms with my childhood traumas, longstanding issues of abandonment, and the thread of addiction that has plagued my side of the family.

TTP is a spiritual retreat, held in a beautiful setting on a small lake, and devoted to pampering the participants. When people leave the Program at the end of five days, they feel strengthened, joyous, freed from many of their emotional burdens.

To learn more about Constellation Learning and The Trust Program, I highly recommend that you check it out at or