Fetish Club Scene

(Originally published Apr. 23, 2008).

Today, I start writing the fetish club scene in Fur Ball Fever. I’m still not exactly certain how the scene will unfold, but I am trusting that my Muse will guide me. To summarize my thoughts leading to the scene, here’s what I have in the way of ideas, dilemmas, and cause/effect for a couple of chapters leading up to this portion of the book:

  • For many reasons, my impetuous heroine, Grace Donnelley, had decided that Nick Jackson (my hot and hunky PI hero and Grace’s ex-flame) is strictly off limits. Suffice it to say, she is determined to solve the case of the missing canines without Nick’s help.
  • At this point, several clues have pointed Grace and Nick in the direction of Leather Heaven, a Members Only fetish club in one of the seediest areas of Atlantic City.
  • Until now, Grace has been unable to locate one of her major suspects, a compulsive gambler named Krissi. According to sources, Krissi has taken off for the casinos of Atlantic City on another gambling spree.
  • Grace needs to interrogate Krissi, and hits on a brilliant solution. If anyone knows Krissi’s preferred gambling spot, her drag queen buddy will. She will discuss her dilemma with Shawn (a.k.a. Shannon Playright, lead singer for Atlantic City drag group Queenz in Concert), during a grooming session for his bulldog.  Shawn adores gossip, indulges in pillow talk with his lovers, and is currently sharing his bed with a hot Atlantic City croupier.
  • While bathing the dog, Grace quizzes Shawn about Krissi’s preferred gambling spots. He informs her that since this is the second Friday of every month, Krissi will be at Leather Heaven for Pony Play Nite. She never misses Pony Play Nite, even for her favourite casino. A Leather Heaven member, Shawn agrees to sponsor Grace as a guest, and insists on taking her to Erotika Emporium to purchase suitable fet-wear.
  • Grace’s aunt, an aging hippie with a penchant for trouble, overhears everything, and begs to accompany them to the club. In her opinion, Pony Play sounds fascinating. A new pastime would make a terrific hobby for her golden years. Recognizing Auntie Beth’s habit of reckless endangerment, Grace refuses, but remains uneasy, knowing her aunt’s persistence. In the end, she agrees to allow Auntie Beth to join them on their shopping spree.
  • Unknown to Grace, Nick’s brother Gabe, a hacker of exceptional accomplishment, has uncovered a few suspicious facts about Leather Heaven. Nick decides to give Grace some space until she sees the wisdom of joining forces. In the meantime, he will infiltrate Leather Heaven and do some unobtrusive snooping.

Are you getting the drift of where I am headed with this? It goes without saying that Grace, Nick, Auntie Beth (who has coaxed a couple of guest passes from Shawn), and Auntie Beth’s main squeeze all end up at Leather Heaven that night.