Twisted Minds Rose to the Occasion

(Originally published Jan. 9, 2008).

Last week, I sent out a request for ideas to establish a funny scene in a fetish club, a scene involving my heroine (Grace) and her aging hippie aunt (Auntie Beth). Here are some of the suggestions I received:

  1. “… Set this situation up as a reversal–for example, set up the big creepy biker guy coming on to Auntie Beth, etc. and the reader thinks the scene’s going to go in one direction, then she orders him to back off — at which time he becomes a snivelling 2-year old who just wants to be cuddled, but when a panicked Grace enters the room from behind Auntie Beth, she sees this man at Auntie Beth’s breast mewling, moaning…” — This started me thinking: What if Creepy Biker Guy is a submissive, thinks Auntie B. is a mother-figure dom …
  1. “… Wax play: Hot wax dripped on the body parts in the nether regions is a turn on for some people …” This suggestion jump-started my visual wheels: What if Auntie Beth gets confused (she’s 67 after all) and thinks the nice ladies are offering to give her one of them new-fangled Brazilian wax jobs …..
  1. Emphasize the difference between the “bondage” mindset and the hippie mindset. I’m seeing the aunt having all the leather-clad dominants singing “give peace a chance” and the club management wanting to throw her out for calming its violent clients. — Love it!

I also received the following excellent advice:

  • I would seriously think through a niece endangering her aunt by bringing her close to an investigation. This has to be very well motivated, or else the niece will seem rash at the worst and silly and unprofessional at the least. It’s okay for her to be a loose cannon, but not if it endangers old aunts. — Absolutely true. Auntie Beth will now sneak into the fetish club against her niece’s express orders to remain home.
  • Fetish clubs are generally located in a seedy district like a warehouse district in order to throw the cops off the scent.
  • Most fetish clubs have a guest night, but visitors need to be escorted; a membership pass isn’t realistic.
  • Some clubs just have one huge open room with stations and you sometimes have
    to wait for a station to be open. There are spanking benches, stocks, slings, tables, cross bars, and a piece of equipment called the St. Andrew’s Cross. — Wow! Who knew?
  • Fetish clubs sometimes have private rooms but that’s only in the big fancy dungeons. And most members refer to it as the dungeon. All of them have volunteers who take shifts being the Dungeon monitors. They wear something  that identifies them (t-shirts at one, bandanas at another, and orange safety vests at a third) and they have the authority to stop a scene if something is not safe.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed ideas. I will keep you posted on my progress.