Refrigerator Crisis

Yesterday, our Puerto Vallarta condo refrigerator decided to die. We’re talking about a ton of food in tropical heat.

Here’s how it went down. On returning to our condo late afternoon, I discovered everything in the freezer was almost thawed and the perishables were warming up nicely. On top of that my step-daughter was arriving at 8:30 (same time as the GBLT parade), and my husband was leaving to meet her.

While my husband ran out to buy two massive bags of ice, I made a panic call to the condo property manager. I may have yelled, even cried a little at the poor woman, then made major apologies at taking my frustrations out on her; after that I think we even bonded a little. I then reminded her that she’d told us our next-door neighbors here had just left due to health issues. I asked if perhaps we could use their fridge.

She must have burned down the phone lines between here and the US to get permission from the owners, because now most of our perishables reside in the fridge next door. The same property manager is returning today between 10:00 and 11:00 with a repair guy, while we play tourist with our guest and go to the beach.

Fingers crossed that it’s nothing serious that requires a part only available in Guadalajara.

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