Sample Sunday: A Close Call

The air around her head throbbed and pulsed with an energy that created a mild tingling all over the surface of her body. Her joints starting to pop and tighten. That was all she needed right now—to sprout fangs, whiskers, and a black furry coat. She ordered herself to concentrate.

After pushing the jaguar back inside where it belonged, she realized Kincaid was staring at her, disbelief and shock written on his face.

“For a moment there, I could swear I saw …” He massaged his temples. “It was your eyes. They turned yellow, reminded me somehow of … Horrie.”

Dammit, but that was a close call. She had to get this shapeshifting thing under control. She heard herself let out a weak laugh. “Must be the whack on the head, Kincaid. Hallucinations are a dangerous sign. You should go to bed.”

“Only if you join me.” His heavy-lidded eyes promised unlimited afternoon delight.

She bit her lip to suppress a smile. “Really, really bad idea. Think of your concussion. Besides, there’s something I have to do.” But what was it?

Suddenly she realized the near-transformation had blasted away a barrier in her mind. The nagging sensation that she had unfinished business to take care of had blossomed into certainty. She knew now what she had to do.

“You’re not running out on me, are you?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be back later to explain what happened to you last night.”

This excerpt is from my Indiana Jones-style paranormal romantic suspense THE JAGUAR LEGACY:  an action adventure set in Mexico

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