Six-Sentence Sunday (Oct. 07, 2012): The Ancient Pyramid

Excerpt from THE JAGUAR LEGACY, Charley’s first glimpse of the archaeological dig):

She caught her breath at the sheer size and grandeur of the excavation. Directly across a wide-open space the size of several football fields, a dazzling white pyramid rose against the backdrop of dark cliffs. A double bank of stairs graced the front, the sides dropped away in a series of steep terraces, and ruins crowned the summit. Earth mounds and crumbling walls dotted the perimeter.

A hawk soared overhead with a wild screech. Insects buzzed and whirred in the underbrush. Lost in wonder, Charley snapped shot after shot of the ancient city.

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2 Responses to Six-Sentence Sunday (Oct. 07, 2012): The Ancient Pyramid

  1. Great descriptive writing. Fab 6.

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Thanks, Kristal. Leaves are falling in my part of the world too. I love your six from PA Expose.

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