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Sample Sunday: Staying True to My ‘Author’s Voice’

I re-write entire chapters numerous times in order to capture all vital elements with the best possible word combinations, while at the same time making sure I stay true to my ‘author voice’. That last one is the hardest. Invariably, … Continue reading

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Writing Process Blog Tour

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Welcome to the Writing Process Blog Tour. My name is Maureen Fisher, and I write sassy romances with kick-ass heroines and smokin’ hot heroes. All my books contain a slice of adventure and enough steamy love scenes to drive those … Continue reading

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Action & Reaction

This post is based on the concepts of Dwight Swain, author of Techniques of the Selling Writer. Last week, I focused on the basic building blocks of a story: Scenes. This week, I take the Scene concept a step further … Continue reading

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7 Suggestions for Crafting Sound Scenes

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When sitting down to blog about writing a novel, there are so many aspects to consider it’s easy to develop brain-freeze. What to discuss? Character development? Plot structure? Dialogue? Theme? Goal, motive and conflict? These and many more are all … Continue reading

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In Defense of ‘Easy-Readers’

Many critics do a grave injustice to easy-reading books, calling them barely literate escapism (aka ‘fluff’, ‘trash’, or ‘popular fiction’). Being an avid reader since the age of four, I feel qualified to champion easy-readers everywhere. Here’s the thing. Whenever … Continue reading

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Writing Tips: Self-Editing Your Masterpiece

Editors and agents are inundated on a daily basis with hundreds of queries from eager authors. The competition is fierce, so aside from having an outstanding plot and fascinating characters, your writing must be clean, tight, and enticing. For that … Continue reading

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Writing Dialogue That Works

While writing realistic dialogue is one of the most powerful tools in an author’s toolkit, it is also a skill many of us find difficult to master. Dialogue is an excellent way to implement the “show, don’t tell” rule of … Continue reading

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