The Jersey Shore (Coastal Romance Blog Hop)

Welcome, Coastal Romance blog-hoppers. Annie Seaton, who also  runs the Coastal Romance Facebook page, has organized this incredible blog hop. You have a chance to win the Grand Prize consisting of a $100 Amazon gift voucher plus 26 great ebooks. To be eligible to win, click on the Rafflecopter giveaway link at the bottom of this post! On top of that fabulous prize, I’m offering a bonus prize of a $5 Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter!

As my contribution, I’m writing about three ways the famous Jersey Shore location impacts the characters in FUR BALL FEVER, a romantic crime mystery that tickles the funny bone.

1) Oceans Have a Nasty Way of Coughing up Corpses

Deserted Beach 2A sweetish reek assaulted her nostrils. With shaking hands, she tugged sodden fabric away. Staring back, if an eyeless corpse could stare, was a greenish face attached to a bloated torso. Sea creatures had done a number on the lips and nose.

Swallowing hard, she backed away. “Oh God, oh God, oh God,” she squeaked. Slow steps, one after another, took her into the frigid water until waves foamed around her knees.

Bone-numbing chill shook her from the horrified trance. Splashing back to shore, she forced herself to study the body. The corpse was naked except for a leather harness and a bondage collar embossed with delicate flowers. Three days of submersion hadn’t improved the woman’s appearance, but there was no doubt about the deceased’s identity.

Grace’s enemy had ridden her last bronco.

2) A Leisurely Beach Stroll Bonds Brothers

14312-Shimmery-BeachThe following afternoon, Nick found himself pounding along the beach, shoulder-to-shoulder with his brother, who looked decidedly rough around the edges. Sweat poured down Sam’s tortured face. The fancy surfer-boy hairdo whipped in the wind, mousse-free for once. Yeah, this would be fun.

Nick pumped his legs harder, until houses backing the beach became a multicolored blur. A sideways glance confirmed his running partner’s misery. Sam was about to experience the effects of a slothful lifestyle on manly endurance. Ten-to-one his macho pride wouldn’t let him back out, while his bone-deep laziness would ensure an entertaining athletic performance.

Sam’s face was turning an interesting shade of purple. Between puffs, he gasped, “You’re a cold-blooded sadist, dragging me out of a nice comfy bed.” After another ten steps, he wheezed, “If you see an angry man waving a gun, I’d surely appreciate some advance notice so’s I can take evasive action. That way, I can cheer him on as he slaughters you the way you so richly deserve.”

3) A Moonlight Sail Puts the ‘R’ in Romance

Yacht - bowThe yacht put-putted away from the dock. All hope of outside help died in an acrid cloud of diesel fumes. A chewed-up leg was the least of Grace’s problems. Her ankle throbbed in tandem with a chafed wrist, wrenched shoulder, aching jaw, and bruised stomach. She sat still to avoid reminding their captors of her free hand, an oversight they would surely rectify.

Several feet away, Nick sprawled on the deck. His hands were cuffed, the chain looped over the railing above his head. He hadn’t spoken or moved since she’d unpeeled the duct tape over his mouth and given him an abridged version of her evening under the cover of the engine’s roar.

A surreptitious glance assessed his anger level. He radiated so much fury, she half-expected her skin to blister. Not that it mattered, because they were about to die.

He must have noticed her scrutiny, because he said, “We don’t have much time, and we need to get out of these cuffs.”

“Sure thing. I’ll start gnawing my hand off.” She got snared on his implacable glare. “Right. You’re angry. I get it. Okay, so I screwed up tonight. A teensy bit.”

“Sweet baby Jesus.” He closed his eyes briefly, as if in pain.

A guilty chill chased down her spine. “I’m so sorry. It was the dumbest move of my life.”

Bonus Prize

For your chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card, simply leave a comment below telling me how a large body of water, whether ocean, lake, or river, has affected your life, and I’ll pick one lucky winner on December 24.

And click here to enter a Rafflecopter giveaway.

In closing, my wish for you is that you have a blessed holiday season, filled with love, peace, and joy.


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21 Responses to The Jersey Shore (Coastal Romance Blog Hop)

  1. Donna D says:

    2 things —
    Growing up, my Daddy and maternal Grandpa owned and boat and went fishing together every Sunday — Conchas Dam in NM. When my grandpa couldn’t go, or sometimes on Saturdays, our family would go. I didn’t like to fish really, so would take a book and read in the floor in front of the boat (Daddy made sure we always had life preservers on & that made it a little difficult). One time we were out with friends and their boat was one that could pull skiers. We were all going to get to try to water ski, but when it was my turn, the wind came up and blew me further out into the water before I could even try to get to my feet. I was a good swimmer, but the life preserver was a hindrance & Daddy came out after me. Never have gotten to water ski!
    Two different trips to Israel, we spent time on the Sea of Galilee. We (hubby, our 2 kids, and the chapel tour group) took a boat ride across the lake – and I almost got sea sick. But I loved the Galilee, and staying at the kibbutz.

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      I’m so glad you visited my blog and shared your story, Donna. Your Sundays at the Conchas Dam sound very special. I, too, had a bad experience with water skiing. If you’re going too fast and fall, the water feels (and does as much damage) as concrete. Enough said.

  2. bn100 says:

    Nice post. Enjoyed the Atlantic Ocean on a family trip

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  3. Marcy Shuler says:

    Well, I live about 20 miles east of Lake Michigan and it has affected my life greatly in the last two weeks by the amount of lake effect snow that has been dumped here. LOL Probably not exactly what you meant, but it’s the most current answer to the question. 😉


  4. Carol Malone says:

    Nice way to suck in your readers and make them long to read the book. Very captivating. Great job. Thanks for the giveaway. Great coastline photos. I live on the opposite coast out in Ventura County California. Nothing beats the ocean.

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Very scary. I don’t blame you for feeling that way. One of my friends has the same fear, and won’t swim in anything except a pool.

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Thank you for visiting, Carol. I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpts.

  5. Sherry Gloag says:

    It wasn’t an ocean or a lake or river, but a swimming pool when, before I could swim, I wash pushed in at the deep end, which has left me with a dislike of any water if I don’t know the depth.

  6. Maureen Weiler says:

    I have been to the many seashore locations and never tire of walking along the beach and listening to the waves especially under a moonlight night. Your short stories are very engaging and I hope to read the conclusion of each. Merry Christmas.

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Yes, There’s nothing like the sound of the waves. I love going to sleep listening to them. I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpts. They’re not short stories, rather excerpts from my romantic crime mystery, Fur Ball Fever.

  7. Elsa Winckler says:

    Love your post, Maureen! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  8. Elsa Winckler says:

    Love your entry Maureen – hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  9. Susanne Bellamy says:

    Hi Maureen,

    It’s grand to read about distant shores and think the same wide ocean that surrounds us here in Australia eventually touches Jersey too. Kind of reminds us we’re all linked on this planet of ours. Lovely to read your excerpts. All the best, Sue

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      I agree, Sue. I believe we are all connected. Through our thoughts, our actions, our energy, our intentions, and also through a shared connection with the earth, its oceans, and its beauty.

  10. Chanpreet says:

    I’ve seen the Indian Ocean and was amazed by its beauty. Oddly enough I haven’t seen the Atlantic Ocean or coast and I live much closer to it than I do the Indian Ocean and coast. One our single visit my brother lost his glasses and all the money he had in this pockets when went in for a swim with them on. The money floated out of his swimming trunks. That was a lesson learned quickly.

  11. Annie Seaton says:

    So many coasts to visit. This sounds wonderful… I loved the excerpts too!

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