The SHINE ON Award: 12 Random Factoids About Me

2013-11 18 - Shine-on-award

Maureen Fisher is the proud recipient of
the prestigious SHINE ON Award in the
‘Sassy Romances That Tickle the Funny Bone’ Category

I was recently nominated for the SHINE ON Award, and am given to understand that in order to accept this dubious honor, I must spill my guts with seven random, interesting things about myself. Following the inspirational example set by my nominator, Ian Hutson I was unable to stop at a mere seven, so brace yourself.

1. I’m an only child, born to an only child. From day one, the notion of having children of my own was off my radar. Thankfully, I ignored my radar. The overpowering love I now feel for my two adult sons still blindsides me.

2. I’m not one of those people who knew from the moment she sprang from her mother’s womb that she was destined to be a writer. For too many years, I wrote business reports, feasibility studies, and technical treatises—until I saw the light, and exchanged snappy power suits, panty hose, and rush hour traffic for the joys of writing romance novels.

3. Snakes, frogs, and other creepy-crawlies don’t frighten me, but I detest wasps and bees. They sting. Often. For no reason. Just because.

4. I’m an introvert. I need my alone time. If a genie granted me three wishes, one of them would be to enjoy networking at writers’ conferences.

5. I once drank paint thinner in an oil painting class. Thought it was my water. Hey, both bottles had blue labels. Sadly, I’d already glugged it down before realizing my mistake. An ambulance carted me off to the hospital, where a doctor warned me I’d be really, REALLY sick for 48 hours. He wasn’t kidding.

6. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I was a chocoholic. That lasted until my ninth birthday, when I gobbled down 10 Jersey Milk chocolate bars. I puked brown for two days. Even now, I prefer vanilla or caramel. Please don’t tell anyone. All romance writer love chocolate. It’s mandatory.

7. A summer isn’t a summer unless I hear the quintessential sound of the Canadian wilderness—the eerie cry of loons over my favorite place in the world, Golden Lake.

8. Contrary to popular belief about romance writers, I do NOT think about sex all the time. I often think about other things, for example, Speedos (pros and cons). Or manscaping. Or Sexapaloosa. Dang, but that sounds like I really do think a lot about sex, doesn’t it? But it’s all in the name of research. I can prove it:

9. If you checked out the URL I thoughtfully provided for your reading pleasure in point #8, you may already have an inkling about my warped sense of humor.

10. I love to sample local specialties during my travels. During a Brazilian vacation, I tried something called lamb criadillas at a buffet. I was scared to ask what they were, but those globe-shaped tidbits in gravy were so tasty, I went back for seconds. Perhaps it’s only my imagination, but later, I felt an uncontrollable urge to do manly things like wrestle a steer to the ground, or grab my beer and belch out the chorus of Oh, Lord, It’s Hard to be Humble, and I swear my voice deepened for several hours.

11. I hold strong spiritual (as opposed to religious) beliefs. A past life regression conducted under hypnosis convinced me that reincarnation is more than a mere possibility.

12. I believe in the healing power of forgiveness, love, and laughter.

The SHINE ON award is one that keeps on giving, so I am encouraged and obligated to provide other victims—I mean to nominate others of sufficient talent, character, and fortitude to receive the award. I nominate the following talented authors:

The notifications have gone out by email.

My sincere thanks once again to my own nominator, Ian Hutson


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8 Responses to The SHINE ON Award: 12 Random Factoids About Me

  1. This is fab, Maureen. Thank you for sharing. It’s always fascinating to learn about fellow writer’s creative process.

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Thanks, Hunter. I tag you as another winner of the SHINE ON award. If you want to do it (and only if), use mine as a template and write a similar posting about yourself on your own blog. You can pick some victims, I mean candidates, as your winners of the SHINE ON award. It’s a fun and easy way to connect.

  2. Brenna Chase says:

    Awesome! Congrats!

    I’m an introvert as well, and I never thought of writing fiction until a few years ago. But I do like chocolate. Applesauce, on the other hand …


    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Thank you, Brenna. Let’s cut a deal. My chocolate for your applesauce plus hot caramel sauce and whipping cream.

  3. Thanks for the nomination, Maureen. I’ve got my erm… victims… already nominated.

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      That’s wonderful. It’s such a prestigious award, I’m sure your nominees will show suitable gratitude.

  4. Anne Lange says:

    Why thank you, Maureen, for this most amazing award. I will happily accept it and pass it on. I happen to have a bevy of victims, er, I mean candidates that I can choose from and look forward to nominating. Let’s see, who shall I choose…

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