Where is Granddaddy Hiram? #Sample Sunday

Welcome to Sample Sunday. For today’s excerpt, I’m unveiling more of my WIP, Cold Feet Fever, sequel to Fur Ball Fever. I’m 2/3 of the way of the first draft, and thought some of you might like to check out my hero, Sam Jackson. In this excerpt, a hung-over Sam is distressed to learn that, without so much as a say-so, his eccentric granddaddy has gone and hired an event planner to organize Kinki’s Grand Opening.

Here’s the ‘Elevator Pitch’ for Cold Feet Fever:

One for the Money meets The Sopranos

Notorious playboy & a mortician-turned-event-planner join forces to fight crime in a Goth night club. Vandalism, disappearing corpses, a goofy dog, and bungling thugs add to the fun, culminating in an epic Grand Opening the vampire wannabes of Atlantic City will never forget.

Sam’s hand-tooled eel skin cowboy boots clattered on the stone floor of Kinki’s main corridor. The sound ricocheted inside his throbbing skull. Damn painkillers must have expired for all the good they did. For a man who didn’t believe in breaking a sweat, leastwise outside the bedroom, he found himself running from room to room in search of his elusive granddaddy.

In spite of the room spins affecting Sam’s balance, he lengthened his stride. Taking care not to tilt his head in case it toppled from his shoulders, he squeezed past a ladder, stepped over a length of two-by-four left by the construction crew, and entered the one place he hadn’t looked—Kinki’s spookiest dance area known as Decom-Posers.

“Granddaddy Hiram, you in here?” he hollered. His voice bounced off genuine marble tombstones. The echo sent his headache into overdrive.


Seeing as how his granddaddy was excitable, Sam dialed down the volume. “I need to know if Katie Deluca signed a contract.” Because if she didn’t, she’s history.

More silence. An arrow of pain speared his skull.

A quick search yielded no lurking octogenarian. His granddaddy was undoubtedly keeping a low profile. In spite of major impulse control issues resulting from a brain injury, a legacy from a bull-riding accident, his reasoning abilities still worked fine. He knew damn well his grandson would pitch a fit over his most recent matchmaking effort, namely the hiring of one pushy event coordinator who dressed like an undertaker. To be fair, Granddaddy Hiram had no way of knowing the money was almost gone. Sam had bent over backward to conceal the bad news.

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  1. Charilene says:

    Oh Lawd, I see drama unfolding in Cold Feet Fever. It seems like it will be a fun book to read. I look forward to the release of it!

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Thanks, Charilene. I hope it will be as much fun as its predecessor, Fur Ball Fever. Thanks for commenting.

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