Writing is Difficult

Have you ever considered writing a novel? Most people do, at least one time in their life. I even met a woman who set aside an entire long weekend to do just that.

Yeah, right.

For me, writing a novel is as painful as pulling my intestines out through my nostrils using a crochet hook. Please don’t ask how I know that.

I’m currently dabbling my toes in a new genre, switching from humorous romance novels to cozy murder mysteries. The first in the new series is called Horsing Around with Murder. As I’m discovering, writing a murder mystery is a whole new ballgame with new requirements and new (unspoken) rules.

As if that learning curve wasn’t enough, I’ve increased the difficulty by incorporating a romantic sub-plot. Hey, I can’t give up on romance entirely.

Seems I enjoy new challenges.

Please let me know how you feel about writing. Does it come easy for you—or painfully?

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