Request for Ideas: Twisted Minds Welcome

(Originally published Jan. 2, 2008).

I am plotting out my next book, FUR BALL FEVER, and need some ideas for a funny scene.

To provide context, Grace, my heroine, is a tad on the knee-jerk and impulsive side (some call her a loose cannon). Consequently, when the main suspect she’s tailing disappears into an Atlantic City fetish club called Leather Heaven, she doesn’t think twice about acquiring a member’s pass and an appropriate black leather outfit in order to conduct an undercover investigation the following night. Her aging hippie aunt, a free spirit and New Ager, insists on accompanying her niece to the club, claiming she has always wanted to see the inside of one of ‘them places’ and besides, she figures she looks pretty good for her age in spandex. Against Grace’s better judgment, she allows Auntie Beth to tag along and warns her NOT to get into any trouble before leaving her relative in the dubious custody of her drag queen friend while she conducts her investigation. Naturally, the reader knows Auntie Beth will wreak havoc as soon as Grace’s back is turned.

Here’s the thing. I have never been to a fetish club (though that may change in the near future, all in the name of research). I am looking for some ideas for a humorous scene involving an aging flower child in a fetish club, nothing too raunchy. I’m thinking something to do with a Play Room, possibly bondage or domination.

All ideas would be appreciated.

Excerpt: Description of Auntie Beth

“ … Grace studied the well-padded figure and huffed out a long-suffering sigh. Her aunt’s angelic expression, fluffy white curls scraped into a flyaway pony tail, and blue pansy eyes surrounded by a network of fine lines, hoodwinked most people into believing Beth Donnelley was the guileless, grandmotherly type, someone who thrived on baking pies, packaging potpourri, and reading fairy tales to small children.

Grace knew better.

Was it too much to ask her unconventional aunt to lock the back door at bedtime, quit her illicit activities — like recreational dope smoking — and walk Murphy every day, preferably accompanied by a pooper-scooper?

So far, she was batting zero on all counts…”