Tribute to My Bridge Group

(Originally published Feb. 13, 2008).

I consider myself blessed. I’m a member of two bridge groups, each consisting of special women I’m proud to call friends. Understand though, that bridge is merely the excuse that compels us to take time out of our increasingly busy lives to meet on a regular basis. The real reason we get together is for the laughter, sharing, warmth, compassion, and support.

Over the years, we’ve supported one another in many ways — through pregnancies; through the ins and outs of toilet training, child rearing, and teen years; through the marriages of our children; through burgeoning and waning careers; through divorce, despair, and new relationships; through the sickness and death of loved ones; through the trials and tribulations of life; and through the joys of grandchildren. Occasionally we cry, but mostly we laugh. Occasionally, we laugh till we pee (easier to do now that we are women of a ‘certain age’). Laughter is healing, and I have surrounded myself with friends who love to laugh while we play bridge every week.

Some day, one of my novels will definitely describe a women’s bridge group. I’m waiting for the perfect plot.

I would love to hear if anyone else out there has a group of special friends.