Memorable New Year’s Eve (A Personal Anecdote)

To kick off the new year, I would like to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2015. As my initial 2015 blog post, I will share our very special New Year’s Eve with you.

This year, my husband and I are escaping a portion of Canadian winter by fleeing to Puerto Vallarta and renting a condo in Gringo Gulch, overlooking the Bay of Banderas. Okay, so we’re chickens and wimps, eh?

Not knowing many people nearby (and unwilling to drop a huge chunk of change to ring in the new year with a bunch of tipsy strangers), we hosted an afternoon New Year’s Eve Happy Hour with two of our condo neighbors and our Mexican landlord. The get-together was low-key and we a fun time getting to know one another better. After promising to join our landlord and some of his friends later, we then wandered down to the Malecon and into the Old Town, where we found a table in a very nice Chinese restaurant near the beach. Had a delicious and relatively inexpensive dinner, scaled the three blocks of steep stairs to reach our condo, and settled in, waiting for midnight by watching Netflix.

A few minutes before midnight, we climbed the five flights of stairs to the roof to join our landlord for the fireworks display. The sight was breathtaking. A hundred or more small boats had anchored in front of the city, most decorated with Christmas lights. Dozens of paper Chinese lanterns filled the air. They floated up into the sky, buoyed by an open flame inside until they disappeared into the darkness (hopefully the candles would be extinguished by the altitude). On the stroke of midnight, the cathedral and other churches started clanging their bells, people hooted and hollered, cars blasted their horns (more than usual), and all the boats joined in. Then, the fireworks started. All around the entire bay. Spectacular. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Because it was the culmination of the International Fireworks Festival held this year in Puerto Vallarta, we didn’t know where to look first. The show lasted 20 minutes and was fabulous.

All and all, it was a memorable New Year’s Eve. I hope yours was too. Please feel free to leave a comment about how you rang in 2015.



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I would love to hear from you. Please leave a comment, let me know you’ve read this post, tell me how you rang in 2015..




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