Six-Sentence Sunday (Dec. 23, 2012): Forgiveness Rejected

Excerpt from Fur Ball Fever:

Murphy greeted Nick with his usual doggy enthusiasm, while Gracie, on the other hand, shot her nose into the air so his megawatt smile was wasted. She didn’t look the least bit remorseful. Truth be told, as her sandals continued to tap a staccato rhythm on the concrete, she appeared more irritated than apologetic.

Nick cleared his throat before widening his grin to demonstrate a heart full of forgiveness. “Bet you thought you’d seen the last of me today,” he heard himself say, before he clamped his mouth shut.

Sweet baby Jesus, how lame was that for an opener?

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4 Responses to Six-Sentence Sunday (Dec. 23, 2012): Forgiveness Rejected

  1. Paloma Beck says:

    I think I like this man. Interesting character.

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Thanks Paloma. I loved writing about Nick. Because of her background, Grace sees him as chauvinistic, like her father, but in Nick’s mind, he’s chivalrous.

  2. I’m new to SSS and having a wonderful time discovering other writers.
    I would enjoy learning more about these three characters!

    • Maureen Fisher says:

      Thanks, Pauline. Dog, Murphy is a handful. Nick and Grace, well … I fell in love with both of them.

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