Why I Write Senior Sleuth Cozy Mysteries

First and foremost, I express my creativity by writing all my books to entertain readers and to express my views on human nature—love, hatred, jealousy, greed, envy, courage, and more—in other words, the whole enchilada. One of the best feelings in the world is when a reader tells me he stopped reading my books on public transit because he kept snorting with laughter, or when I discover a review saying she laughed so hard, mascara ran down her face.

I switched from writing romance to writing cozy murder mysteries involving senior sleuths in the hopes of shining a more flattering light on women who, like me, have reached that certain age—that age where we can no longer kid ourselves we can pass for 55, even in the softest of candlelight.

Here’s the thing. We women who have lived long enough and with enough gusto to own those extra wrinkles, less-than-perky body parts, and that pesky extra poundage, are, by and large, far from being invisible or lacking in value.

As women of a certain age, our many years on this planet have granted us wisdom. Okay, so maybe we achieved that wisdom through making mistakes, but that only goes to prove we weren’t afraid to take risks. We may walk slower than the younger set, take elevators more often, and think twice about hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro, but we still possess plenty of fire, intelligence, and personality, not to mention compassion and empathy.

My senior sleuth amateur detectives are older women who refuse to go quietly out to pasture. They have self-confidence, and certainly aren’t afraid to speak their minds. As older women, my heroines still enjoy romance, falling in love, and, yes, fantasize about a lusty roll in the sack with that special someone. They may even surprise you by proving that many older women exhibit a naughty sense of humor.

You will find all of my funny, furry, and feel-good books, both romantic suspense and cozy murder mysteries, on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/stores/Maureen-Fisher/author/B005EOLB1Y


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