Thanksgiving Dinner Dilemma Solved

In the past, any Thanksgiving dinner I cooked consisted of both a turkey for the traditionalists and a ham for my husband, who  refuses to eat anything that ever grew feathers. Plus all the mandatory accompaniments and condiments.

This year, I’m making lasagna and a lovely Italian salad.

2015 10 11 - Thanksgiving LasagnaSo why the change? Rumor has it there are people out there who find roasting a beast of any sort is the easiest meal of all to prepare. I find that difficult to believe.

Here’s the thing. I never mastered the trick of coordinating perfectly cooked meat (juicy please, neither overcooked to cardboard consistency nor undercooked and still dripping blood) with the required veggies, mashed potatoes, and gravy. So lasagna it is.

Hey, lasagna is tasty, almost everyone likes it, and it’s something I can prepare in advance. That way, I too get to enjoy our guests.

Gone are my days of racing around the kitchen in a state of panic because the turkey is still raw (who knew it took days to thaw properly?), or the broccoli has morphed into green mush, or the gravy has a nasty burned flavor due to the fact I left it on a burner to stay warm during my final throes of preparation.

So lasagna it is. No one has yet complained about turkey deprivation.

I would like to wish everyone, Canadian or otherwise, a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving.


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