First Impressions

We all know the importance of first impressions. Whether for a job interview, an audition, or a first date, most of us make an extra effort to look our best. Why should it be different with books? The cover is the first thing we notice when we pick up a book or hunt for it online. A well-designed cover entices potential readers to explore the riches inside.

I polled everyone I could think of—family, colleagues, friends, and strangers—for input on covers for the books I intend to self publish this fall. So thank you everyone who took the time to respond.

Fun & Sexy beat out Subtle & Artistic, hands down. Sex, I’m told, sells tons of romance novels.

Here are my fun, sexy, totally wonderful new covers.




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10 Responses to First Impressions

  1. K Morgan says:

    Excellent choices. I especially like the FBF cover [especially the high heeled boots and the very cute dog] though the JL cover is well done in that it points to the main elements of the story and is eyecatching. Much better than the current one.

  2. Jody Payne says:

    Now those are beautiful covers. They’re crisp, clean, and express what the books are about.

    Good work!

  3. Jimmy Pudge says:

    Nice. My girl would be all over “The Jaguar Legacy” cover 🙂

  4. Maureen Fisher says:

    Thanks for the support, guys. It’s good to know you’re out there, rooting for me.

    • Maureen McGuckin Adams says:

      Maureen, I’m glad things are going well. I LOVE all the covers. They are perfect. You don’t want to be “trashy” so I think you chose well. Good luck with all your publishings. I am going to make it a point to read them all and let you know how much I enjoyed them.

      M. Adams
      Wickliffe, OH

  5. Maggie says:

    Sex might sell, but the cute dog won’t hurt sales! Lovely covers!

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