Sample Sunday (Cold Feet Fever)

Here is an excerpt from the first meet of hero (Sam Jackson, bad boy womanizer and nightclub owner) and heroine (Katie Deluca, a take-charge event planner) in soon-to-be-released Cold Feet Fever.

In this excerpt, Sam Jackson has just learned his matchmaking Granddaddy Hiram has hired an event planner to organize the grand opening of their new paranormal nightclub called Kinki. The woman believes Sam will be reporting to her instead of vice versa.

Sam stood stock still, staring at the determined jut of the woman’s chin as she indicated a visitor’s chair. Everything about her was restrained and tidy. He was unable to tell if the glossy black hair was curly or straight because she’d scraped everything into some sort of sleek twist. She wore a plain white blouse buttoned up to the chin and a black business suit that would be right at home in a funeral parlor.

His financial woes washed away by a wave of amusement, he decided to have some fun. This wisp of a woman needed help with loosening up. Prim, bossy, and more than a tad uptight, she was exactly the distraction he needed to forget his troubles.

For starters, he slouched away in the opposite direction, concentrating on moving slower than a sloth on Valium. Out of the corner of his eye, he noted her impatient foot tapping. Yeah, he was getting under her skin.

“Let’s sit down and chat, shall we?” she suggested in a strained voice.

Next, he conjured up a pained grimace followed by a hard-done-by sigh, which was easy given the severity of his hangover. His mouth felt as though he’d spent the better part of the night licking a shag carpet.

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