Funnel Cakes on The Boardwalk


Funnel Cakes are deep-fried, sugary indulgences (a.k.a. junk food), a favorite on Atlantic City’s Boardwalk, the setting for COLD FEET FEVER.

These crunchy treats (dribbled through a funnel into hot oil) are so delicious, both protagonists, even my sugar-and-fat-opposed heroine, can’t resist them.


funnel-cake-stand“What do I smell?” Sam leaned out of the rolling chair and sniffed the air.

Katie inhaled the aroma of hot oil and deep-fried dough. “Funnel cakes. They’re a seaside specialty. Terribly unhealthy with all that trans-fat.” Her mouth watered.

“We need those.”

“No we don’t. There’s a nice fruit stand up the way.”

“I’m getting some.” He motioned the attendant to stop, then hopped out the rolling chair to join the food stand lineup.

She considered her options. Sugar and fat would put Sam in the right mood, and she’d be long gone before word of her dietary slip leaked out. Funnel cake craving was a secret she’d take to the grave.

Enjoy this recipe for making funnel cakes at home.

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Put your feet up, enjoy a funnel cake while reading COLD FEET FEVER, a sexy and delicious read with heart, heat, and humor.

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